From the Coin Vault
1883 50 cent
Price: $700.00
Denomination: 50C
Grade: EF45
Year: 1883

John's Catch of the Day!

Welcome to my very first "Big Catch" sale!  Basically, I will be using this space to post items that I find, typically just after my ad breaks. So rather than wait a month, to tell you what I've found, I thought you might want to check in with me here.  The items here will come and go daily.  You never know what you might find, and it just may be "A Big Catch!"

SALE #1    JETTON and FOREIGN COIN SALE                           12/20/18


#1         N.D.  1656  Copper Jetton Dugniolle-4097 VF-35 M-2650 only 85

#2         1594  DUR -3343  Chamber United Provinces God's hand holds balance scales

             VF-sm lamination   35

#3         1705  Louis XIV Silver Jetton M-3474 XF 50

#4         1755  Louis XV Rex Christianiss "tours"  CH  AU/UNC  Silver Jetton  75

#5         1780  French  Silver Jetton Rex Christianiss  M-3748  AU/UNC  50

#6         China- Kwangtung   y-199 1890-05  S-ct  AU/UNC  Scarce  125

#7         French-Indo-China  KM  5 a.l  1907-A 1-Piastre  orig deep toning  AU-58  Choice  125

#8         Italy  1849  White Medal  Battle of Novara scene of Sea Battle  obv.

             Arial Bombardment XF- Luster   50

#9         Mexico   KM  109  1807   8-R   XF   Underluster  100

#10      NP  Switzerland-Lucerne   NP 1930  Gold Shooting Medal  XF-CL. Ducat size .1867

            Richter 9366  235

To order just give me a call at 952-474-9223.  Remember to add 7.00 for postage, or 10.00 for slabbed coins or when purchases are of substantial value. Images of these items can be found later today in my coin vault.  If you are interested in purchasing all of my Jettons, I will discount them a bit.