From the Coin Vault
1806 1806 50CT
Price: $450.00
Denomination: 50C
Grade: VF20
Year: 1806




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JOHN CELEBRATED 56 years in the business on December 4th, at his new location!

 Better lighting, larger space, just across the street from his former place of business. 


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Since 1965, when John was just a sophomore in high school, he has enjoyed buying and selling coins from all over the world. Over the years, articles have been written about this well known and popular local coin dealer from the Lake Minnetonka area in Minnesota. For John Ferm, combining his insatiable interest in History and his love of Geography made him a natural for the world of Numismatics. And because of his love for Numismatics, he has a firm reputation amongst the public and fellow coin dealers as a fair and honest coin dealer and a man who knows what he's talking about!

Look who Google reports as the

"most Honest coin dealer in Minnesota."



John is a coin dealer you will want to work with again and again! And you'll feel comfortable referring your friends to John as well. Respected by his peers for his keen knowledge of the world of Numismatics, John is also a team player often donating his time to speak at coin shows, or special educational chapter events.  Once he speaks at an event, he is often invited back to speak again.  His secret is "He just can't hide his excitement." He loves the "coin-biz" and his favorite audience just happens to be, people just like YOU!


John Ferm

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Your coins are sent out the same day that I receive your check.


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Whether you are a Coin Collector, Dealer, Medal Collector, or someone who is looking for someone who can be trusted with your families Estate coins, your first call should be to John!

"Willing to purchase or appraise, it's up to you!"- John 


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To call John directly: 952-474-9223