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1896 1896 Indian Head 1 Cent
Price: $600.00
Denomination: 1C
Grade: MS 64 RD
Year: 1896

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Posted April 29th, 2014

Rolls Cents

1890-99  I.H. Good or Better  $70

1900-07  I.H.  Good or Better  $53

1908  Indian Cent G-F  $70

Rolls Nickels

Libety Nickels  Ave  Circ  $23

Liberty Nickels  G- VG No oulls  $43

1920-29  Buffalos  P-mint  Full Dates  $43

1930-37 Buffalos  Full Dates  $20

1930-38 Full Horn   $60

1950 Jefferson Circ Roll  $250

Rolls Dimes

1892  16  Good  $130

Rolls Quarters

Barber Quarters Full Rims Front and Back  $280

1925-30 Liberty Standing Quarters Full Dates $280

Rolls Half Dollars

Barber Half Dollars Full Rims Front and Back  Good  $280






(Read this artticle and find out)  



Writen by Randy Heimple

John Ferm is the Sherlock Holmes of the coin industry....when you work with John, it's a

"sure-lock" that you'll get your coin!




One of the most interesting and potentially dangerous qualities of business on the internet is that it is impossible to be sure that what you see is real. This is very frustrating in the coin world because mistakes can be exceptionally costly. Collectors want security and reliability, and a deal or two if they can be had.
As a result buyers tend to be very dedicated to the shops and stores with whom they have dealt in the past. Loyalty is the new main business focus. Gaining permanent clientele is what allows a business to exist, thrive and plan for the future.
Of course, the downside is that it can be very challenging for sellers to attract new clients, and as we were told many years ago in Economics 101 …” If you’re not growing, you’re shrinking. No one stays still in business.”
Consumers can be the beneficiaries of these attitudes, however, if they are careful and a bit brave. And Internet browsing is easy and fast. You can visit 10 stores in half an hour! But who has the best service, and whom do we trust.
While there is a logical tendency to gravitate to the sites that are the biggest and flashiest, it must be said that good things can and do come from smaller packages.
A good example of this fact is a site I encountered recently by coincidence, and when I checked it out, my first impression was simply “ honest personal service “. Found at , John Ferm offers his wares on an efficient and tidy web site.
We are greeted by a photo of Mr. Ferm himself …John, overlapping some coins and paper money – Canadian & American – wise fellow. Beside this is a header bar with 6 hot buttons … Home, Biography, Testimonials, Coin Vault, Monthly Market Report, and ENN System at the top, and two on the side … the monthly ads: Domestic Coins and Foreign Coins.
Below these link-tags is a rolling horizontal bar which grabs the eye. I am surprised more web designers don’t use this feature because the reader can tell immediately if there is something special to note. In this case John announces that his November ads are ready now , i.e. 2 weeks early, and that he is buying silver RIGHT NOW, and at what price.


The main feature at the top of the Home page is the USA Official GSA Report. I had heard this phrase but honestly could not define it. So, as much a test as a request for more information, I emailed John for clarification. Within a few hours I received a reply.
“GSA is ‘government service administration’. The government sold Carson City silver dollars in 1972, like Canada sold its gold hoard. The total amount of uncirculated dollars was approximately 2.9 million coins. Many dealers want to know what the totals were for each date, especially the the CCs which are worth the most. There were also some non-CCs in the hoard, but these numbers are uncertain.”
That rapid, concise and informative answer told me a lot about John, his web page, and his proficiency as a coin retailer. And, he’s putting information out to help other collectors and dealers. Very professional!
A peek tells us that John’s biography is complete and concise, and we are told that he writes coin articles for several magazines, he has been an ANA member since 1966, and he regularly sets up at 5 large shows. If that isn’t impressive enough, he has run a Coin Shop at 449 Second St. in Minneapolis since 1980, where he often keeps thousands of coins. This is all the information I require to know that John has to be a straight shooter – a reliable guy. The added testimonials are a great personal touch.


 The Coin Vault has over a 100 US and Foreign coins on display for sale. Each is accompanied by very clear, enlargeable colour photos ( both sides ) and descriptions.  Items today range from $15 for a 1Cent US to this gem : “1862 Proof 63 nicely toned, great civil war date, NO HAIR LINES, GREAT SURFACE, LIGHT GOLDEN SURFACE ON REVERSE. APPEARS TO BE ALL NATURAL AND ORIGINAL. MANY OF THESE COINS HAVE BEEN CLEANED, THIS ONE HAS NOT! IN PROOF 65, THESE COINS ARE WORTH $15, 000, THIS COIN IS ONLY $4,000. PROOF MINTAGE IS ONLY 550. BUSINESS MINTAGE IS THE LOWEST IN ALL CIVIL WAR ERA. MINTAGE WAS ONLY 11,550.  ONLY $4,000” Something for every budget!

The Monthly Report link brings up a summationof current numismatic issues that John has noted while on sales tours, and back issue articles are available. And the ENN button is simply a spot to post your name and email address so you can receive automatic messages when something new and interesting comes along. More traits of a superior service company.

Lastly, his 2 Ad buttons lead to PDF lists of some 500 other items (without photos) for sale.
He finishes by telling buyers exactly what to do to buy a coin, and if you have a question you can email or phone him directly. He is there to make shopping easy, comfortable and safe. What more do you need?


Thanks John, for being an excellent business model.
Keep well, and try to donate a coin or two to a youth collector this week.
-Randy Heimple



       DATE___________________GSA INVENTORY____________

                  1878 CC                                 60993

              1879 CC                                   4123

              1880 CC                                131529

              1881 CC                                147485

              1882 CC                                605029

              1883 CC                                755518

              1884 CC                                962638

              1885 CC                                148285

              1889 CC                                         1

              1890 CC                                   3949

                                1891 CC                                   5687

                                 1892 CC                                         1

                                 1893 CC                                         1                             

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John Ferm is the #1 Numismatic man in the area for the past 47 years.  HE KNOWS COINS, AND HE IS SOMEONE YOU CAN TRUST!  If you want to sell your coins, or purchase coins, contact John Ferm today.  Voted "Best Guy in the Coin Business" each year since 2009, he's the one person you want to know when it comes to coins!



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